Alternates to Dragonfest & Townhall Mtg Recap

We held a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, July 20th at Full Moon Books  where we discussed reasons for the Board’s decision to cancel and answer any questions.
UPDATE: You may download the Cancellation Fact Sheet and Minutes Recap of the meeting. (both files are PDFs)

Looking for an Alternate to Dragonfest?

These are events we know about, there may be others out there

  • Open Lammas/Lughnasadh Ritual on Wednesday, August 1st at Treehenge in Fort Collins. Ritual is at 5:30 PM – Potluck to follow – RSVP to Bring drums, blankets/chairs, non-disposable dishes…
  • Full Moon Ritual at Dupont Park in Louviers, Wednesday, August 1st. This ritual, done annually for a summer full moon, is held IN Plum Creek. Yes, actually IN the river, wide enough for a large circle and the fireflies come out just as the ritual starts. Warm waters, slow flow, about a foot deep- like nothing I have ever experienced in Colorado elsewhere. There is a big meadow, so although they do not allow camping you could make a day of it with a picnic or whatever. This park is south of C-470 off of Santa Fe, near the town of Louviers in Douglas County. A link to the info is at
  • Bee Fest 2012 hosted by Danger and Vashti Brown in south eastern Colorado. This is open to the first 120 who register. August 2nd – 5th. There will be a potluck dinner on Thursday followed by the Opening ritual. There are various workshops, rituals, and merchants. More information can be found on their website or on this flyer. UPDATE: If you wish to attend a day early, you may do so. Contact Danger or Vashti via the website.
  • Living Earth Lammas Fair near Holly & Evans (south part of the Denver Metro area). Support the Dragonfest Merchants, participate in a Drawing Down lead by Soltahr, psychic fair, workshops and rituals. Admission for each day is $5. Sign up here to volunteer; if you do a volunteer work shift, your day’s admission is free. More schedule information will be posted at Living Earth. August 3-4-5. UPDATE: Lammas Fair Schedule 2012
  • Sean Bullock Memorial, August 2nd, 7pm at Wellington Lake. With ♥ love♥ in our hearts we will be spreading Sean’s ashes. It will be a short and sweet memorial service at the ‘boyscout camp’ if possible. Any and all are welcome. Please contact Shanna Flint for more information or if you cannot make it but would like to say a few words in honor of Sean. Wellington Lake, which was the old location for our retreat, has now reopened for camping on a first come, first served basis for $9/night per person.
  • There will be a Boy’s Rite on Labor Day Weekend at Meyer’s Ranch (the Dragonfest location). Please contact Tres for more information and reference Boys Rite in your subject line.
  • And don’t forget the MABON Festival and Ritual, free and open to the public on September 22nd at Meyer’s Ranch. Details will be forthcoming.

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