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2017 Election Results

117 members of Dragonfest cast their ballots for the 2017 Board of Directors election. This is 28% of the 414 eligible members.

Election Results:
Michelle Castle 82 (35.0%)
Gena Meyer 56 (23.9%)
Martin “Vaunder” Lake     50 (21.4%)
Tanya Lewark 46 (19.7%)

Congratulations to Michelle Castle and Gena Meyer who are elected to the Dragonfest Board of Directors. Thank you to all of our members who voted in this election and to the great pool of candidates who stepped forward to serve our community.

Certified voting results can be found at our Simply Voting site.



2016 Election Results

A total of 352 members were sent electronic ballots via e-mail. 95 Members (27%) voted in this ballot

Board of Director Results:

  • Dan Finerty               48 (55.2%)
  • Mike Ball                  39 (44.8%)

Proposed Bylaws Change:

  • Accept Change           77 (92.8%)
  • Reject Change             6 (  7.2%)

More information is available at our Simply Voting site.

Thank you to all our members who voted in this ballot.



2015 Election Results

A total of 351 ballots were sent via e-mail:

  • 125 members voted (35.6%).
  • 6 were returned due to invalid e-mail addresses.

Board of Directors results:

  • Alyx Reese received 77 votes (31.8%).  Since she has already served nearly one year as an interim board member (replacing Rhonda Larrance who resigned), she selected the 4-year term.
  • Meta Eaton received 73 votes (30.2%).  She will serve the 5-year term.
  • Dan Finerty received 55 votes (22.7%).
  • Jason Wilson received 37 votes (15.3%).
  • 4 members abstained.

Bylaws results:

  • 113 members voted in favor of the changes (97.4%).
  • 3 members opposed the changes (2.6%).
  • 9 members abstained.

You can see the Simply Voting results here.

A big thank you to all the members who took the time to make their voice heard by voting!


2015 Election & Bylaws

The following people submitted applications to run for Board of Directors:

  • Alyx Reese
  • Dan Finerty
  • Jason Wilson
  • Meta Eaton

Please click here for the bios of our 2015 Board Election Candidates.

Changes to the bylaws have been proposed: scrubbed references to our old location, updated it for clarity and better access to modern technology.  You can review the current & proposed bylaws here:

2014 Election

  • According to Sec 11C of our Bylaws, we did not send out a ballot for 2014 as Rhonda Larrance ran unopposed so she automatically attained the position of Board of Directors for 2014. There were also no other corporate items to vote on this year.
  • 2014 Election Addendum: Unfortunately, Rhonda had to resign 4 months into her tenure as her employment moved her outside the state. The Board, per our Bylaws, appointed Alyx Reese to be an Interim Director until the next elections.

2013 Election

We mailed out 279 ballots via regular US mail. 36 were returned with invalid addresses (ex: person moved without updating their address with us) but we did receive 9 votes.

We sent 270 ballots electronically via email. 5 were rejected as invalid email addresses that could not be corrected. We received 127 votes via the secure online voting process.

  • Eric Sisler was elected to the 5 year term for Board of Directors.
  • Arilyn Starling (Starr) was elected to the 4 year term for Board of Directors.
Annual Report & Voting of New Board Member.

dragonfestFINAL boxtype

Ballots are mailed by Oct 31st and are due back by November 15th as per our bylaws:

Dear Dragonfest Community,

After last year’s historic cancellation, Dragonfest celebrated its return with the theme of Rebirth, Regrowth, and Reconnecting. The retreat was well attended with approximately 350 people, including those who came only for the weekend. Many were overheard to say it was the most spiritual retreat they have attended. Our thanks go out to the hard working volunteer staff who made this happen.

There were some new and wonderful changes which could be said to be a “rebirth” of Dragonfest. For the first time online registration was offered and while there were some kinks in the system, this seemed to be a huge success. We will continue to work at refining the online registration process for next year and will be offering online voting as well. For the first time Dragonfest also has an official logo. Thanks to the hard work of Dan Finerty and the Board of Directors, the logo was debuted at the Corporate Meeting held at the retreat.

I am also pleased to announce Karelsis (Kari Tornow) appointment as Secretary to the Board of Directors.

This year Dragonfest along with the Covenant of the Goddess will be hosting an Imbolc Community Celebration on Feb 2, free to all. Dates for the 2014 Dragonfest retreat will be August 6th through the 10th.

It has been my honor and privilege to serve you all over the past 5 years. I look forward to the growth of Dragonfest in 2014 and the future.

Blessed Be,
Dona Carroll

Treasurer’s Report, November 2013
Dragonfest 2013 was attended by 350 people. We collected $7500 in registration fees. Unfortunately, our expenses outweighed our income and we needed to borrow from the Landfund. Part of this loan went to pay for the new 40 foot storage container. The storage container was $4500 and is considered a capital purchase and is investment in Dragonfest. It allowed us to store all our equipment on site and we no longer need to rent storage space. Our current Landfund total as of November 5, 2013 is $88,107.95.

2013 Candidates for Board of Directors:


Due to the cancellation last year, we did not hold an election. As such the 2013 Board Elections are for 2 positions:
1 – 5 year term
1 – 4 year term

Each Member will be asked to vote for 2 (two) Candidate choices. The Candidate with the most votes will be given the 5 year term. The Candidate with the next highest number of votes will be given the 4 year term.
Please click here for the bios of our 2013 Board Election Candidates.

2012 Election

There was no election in 2012 as we canceled the retreat due to fire danger and thus did not have a corporate meeting. We will have normal elections in 2013 which will include the election of 2 Board of Director positions. For more information please see this press release: Dfest 2012 Press Release Cancellation.

2011 Election

We mailed out 643 Annual Reports with ballots. We received 94 returned ballots as of Monday, November 28, 2011. Of those the results were as follows:

  • Christine Childs received 72 votes
  • Tanya Lewerk (Tanna Sage) received 22 votes

Christine Childs was elected to the Board of Directors.

2010 Election

Per the bylaws, no formal election was required because only one candidate was running for the Board and there were no proposed changes to the bylaws.  However, we took the opportunity to run a test of online voting with volunteers who signed up at the event.

Over one hundred voters were sent an email with a survey link on Saturday, October 23rd.  Addresses were taken from signups at the event and the staff email list.  One or two emails bounced permanently, a few others were mistyped with obvious corrections.  An unknown number were marked as Spam, but we received some reports of spam detection.  The survey was active for approximately two weeks (ending on November 7th).40 (35%) voters responded; Cecelia Thomas was elected to the Board of Directors.

2009 Election

There were 67 returned ballots. Of those the results were as follows:

Joseph Davalt was elected to the Board of Directors.

Bylaw vote
58 yes for the change in the Bylaws,
9 no for changes in the Bylaws.

2007 Election

Board of Directors:
There was only ONE candidate running for the board this year:
Sheana Moondancer.
She did receive the majority of votes (Some ballots did not have the box for Sheana checked). As such she is the new member of the Board of Directors.

Bylaw Changes:

The Bylaws must receive a two thirds (66%) majority of the returned ballots to be adapted. The proposed Ballot change carried with 97% of the returned ballots in favor of the change.
Ballot Details
There were 119 Ballots returned
There were 2 Ballots that were invalid.

There were two purposed changes:
1. Purpose – Dragonfest of Colorado, Inc. (Corporation) is chartered as a non-profit, 50l(c)3, federal tax exempt Corporation in the State of Colorado. The Corporation has as its purpose three goals:

A. To produce a spiritual retreat(s) (Festival) and/or events at least once per year. The Festival will be in a secluded location for the enjoyment and spiritual enhancement of sympathetic followers of nature and Earth-centered. philosophies;

B. To serve as a repository for the equipment and funds needed to produce the Festival and/or event; and

C. To provide a continuing source of expertise in the techniques needed to produce a financially successful Festival.

1. Purpose – – Dragonfest of Colorado, Inc. is chartered as a non-profit, 501(c)3, federal tax exempt Corporation in the State of Colorado. The corporation is an educational and spiritual organization dedicated to fostering the acceptance of diverse cultural, social and religious viewpoints. The primary purpose of Dragonfest is to host annual spiritual retreat(s) and/or event(s) during which workshops, seminars, and other forms of informational exchanges are held. Through this activity and others, we strive to ensure cultural, educational, historical and social enrichment, and. thereby make a positive contribution to our members and the greater community. The Corporation has as its purpose three goals:

A. to produce at least one Retreat per year for the enjoyment and spiritual education on Earth-centered philosophies and practices;

B. To accumulate and manage equipment and funds needed to produce a Retreat; and

C. To provide or appoint the financial and managerial expertise needed to produce such a Retreat.


Various Paragraphs. Festival – In. all there are eight uses of the word “Festival” in the current bylaws:
Four in paragraph I, two in paragraph 2, and two in paragraph 3.

Retreat – Changing the purpose statement as discussed above incorporates these changes into paragraph I. The remaining four uses of “Festival’ would be replaced with “Retreat.” No other change would be made.

2006 Election

The by-law change passed.

The change removes the ability for the board to be able to require specific qualifications for candidates who wish to run for the board beyond those already defined in the by-laws.

There were:
147 votes in favor (yes)
45 votes opposed (no)
This was 77% in favor which is over the required 2/3 (66%) majority of the returned ballots.

The board would like to thank those of you who took the time to vote and return your ballot.

Thanks to the candidates for this years election. Without members like you who are willing to commit themselves to time and energy all year, this festival would not be able to exist.