Dragonfest 2013 Rebirth, Regrowth, & Reconnecting

Join us for the return and rebirth of our beloved retreat as we explore regrowth for Dragonfest & ourselves.
Let us reconnect to the land and as a community!


Registration rates have not changed this year but we do have new cut-off dates for registration.  Also, you may now submit your registration electronically and we are opening preregistration for weekend passes.


The 2013 Fee Schedule for Dragonfest Registration

The 2013 Fee Schedule for Dragonfest Registration

Click here to go to our Registration page where you can download the registration form and find all the updates about registration

ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION: If you choose to submit your registration electronically, please fill out the form including checking off the electronic signature box, save it to your computer with the file name 2013 Registration_”your last name”.pdf. Then attach the file to an email and email it to registration @ dragonfest.org. If you pay via Paypal, you will get an invoice within a couple of days, otherwise you have 1 week to mail the check to Dragonfest. REMEMBER: the form is not final until payment has been received. But we will accept your emailed form up to midnight on the date of each cut-off time period (example – You can email your form on 4/14 at 11:45 pm and we will honor that first cut-off price as long as we receive funds within one week of the emailed application.)

T-SHIRT NOTE: The colors are Texas orange with grey ink or Dark Heather Grey with black ink. Click here to see the color choices.

If you submitted your form before the colors were chosen, please contact the registrar to make your final selection.

 WEEKEND REGISTRATION: The ability to preregister for weekend passes is now possible. Just use the same form as for regular registration. The price for each person for weekend registration is the same across all Fee tiers. However, if a person wanted to upgrade their weekend registration to a full registration, we would honor the tier price in which they submitted their initial registration. This means IF YOU REGISTER A WEEKEND PASS IN THE FIRST TIER, YOU CAN UPGRADE BY THE FINAL CUTOFF DATE (7/01) FOR THE FIRST TIER PRICE. Also note, that the AT-GATE registration will be $5 higher to compensate for the additional work we must do. As always, AT-GATE registration is CASH ONLY.


We are looking for a corporate secretary. Time commitment is minimal – 5 hours/month. Duties include attendance of meetings once a month, taking notes, finalizing notes into minutes, and working with the Board to create a monthly agenda. For more information and a detailed job description, please email board @ dragonfest.org.

We still need a few more Staff volunteers. If you haven’t ever volunteered, this is the time to do so. We have a lot of new things going on this year that will make it that much more enjoyable for all. All staff have access to early-in at the retreat as well as participation in a Staff Camping Work Weekend the month before. Please email ops @ dragonfest.org for more information.

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