Dragonfest is here! Are you ready?

Dragonfest 2013 - Rebirth, Regrowth, & ReconnectingWe are really looking forward to celebrating “Rebirth, Regrowth, and Reconnecting” at Dragonfest! There are so many wonderful things happening!

Don’t forget your tickets!

At-Gate Weekend Registration is open for Friday and Saturday. For $55, you can come on Friday for the weekend or $30 for a Saturday arrival. As always, at-Gate registration is cash only, exact change please. You will need to fill out a registration form but you can cut down on your time at the gate by filling it out here, print it out and bring it with you. At-Gate registrants are also required to fill a work shift.

Emergency Contact Information: If you need to contact someone who is at Dragonfest, please call our voice mail – 720-432-3724 – and leave a message. We will be checking it periodically throughout each day. We will not check messages between 10pm and 8am. If your message is an emergency, we will do our best to find the party you need and give them the message. Please leave the person(s) name(s) and, if possible, any descriptions about who they might be camping with or what kind of camp structure (tent, RV, etc) they have. This information will help us locate your party quicker and easier. All other non-emergency messages will be posted at the Kiosk where members check in.


  • We updated the Workshops, Rituals, and Youthfest schedules. You can download the final version here.Dfest 2013 Youthfest Schedule.
  • If you need directions to our location at Myer’s Ranch, please click here.
  • There is no fire ban! However, the county could implement one at any time so please come prepared.
  • Temperatures are expected to be an average high of 70° F and an average low of 45° F. There is an 40% likelihood of rain each day as well as sunny (warm) afternoons. Please plan accordingly with your clothes, shoes, and sleeping arrangements.

Friendly Reminder from your Medical Crew:

  • *Please bring all prescription medications and other required daily medications with you. Remember to take them at the appropriate times. Pro tip: setting a watch alarm or travel alarm may help you remember.
  • *Weather can be extreme up there; pack for warm, cold and rain.
  • *Bring sun screen and sun protection. (Hats, light long sleeve shirts)
  • *Bring sturdy, ankle supportive, closed toed shoes. (Flip flops, heels and other city shoes won’t help you in the mountains.)
  • *If you require oxygen bring more than you think you will need, higher elevations might increase your need for O2. Also notify medical/safety if you require a generator to be on all night for CPAP or BiPap machines.
  • *Bring plenty of drinking water and some form of electrolyte (vitamin water, Gatorade, pedialyte, etc.)
  • *Bring any Asthma inhalers or epinephrine pens and a bag to carry them with you at all times. There are many things that could trigger a reaction and you don’t want to be far from your meds when this happens.
  • *The terrain could cause mobility to be an issue, bring canes, staff, or any other mobility device you use on a regular basis.

Main Ritual: Lughnasadh – Also known as Lammas, is the time to begin reaping what we have sown throughout the past year, and recognize that the bright summer days will soon come to an end. The Wheel Turns – we recognize and celebrate our growth, celebrate the first fruits of the harvest. The God of the Harvest is the Green Man, The Horned God, so while this is a celebration of the first fruits, it is also the beginning of the Sun’s decent. Sacrifice, transformation, death and rebirth are also part of Lughnasadh. Bob Key, who started the community center years ago, will be acknowledged as we add a Harvest Cauldron to the Ritual thus creating a soup the way we did when we were first starting. As we return to our roots this year, the Cauldron soup will be the foundation for our Harvest Ritual. Everyone please bring a dish to our Harvest  Ritual to share and something to throw in the Cauldron! Let us see what magickal concoction we can create to feed our bodies and our souls. Please bring your joy, love, and hope and join us in one of the oldest Dragonfest traditions.

Suggestions for the Cauldron:
Barley, Lentils, Sprouted Beans, Chopped vegetables such as turnips, tomatoes, summer squashes, or any and all vegetables, vegetable stock, chicken stock, etc. Please bring them to the kitchen by 6pm on Friday evening. We’ll be having two Harvest Soups, one will be Vegetarian and the other Chicken.


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