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Re: Dfest Issues:

Postby Admin » Sat Aug 19, 2006 9:24 pm

Silverfeather wrote:Issues I want to bring to your attention:

1. There was a rude merchant that apparently needed to point out I don’t have HIS version of a perfect body – I am made just the way I am suppose to be and I am beautiful and a Goddess so he can go and pound the sand.

I am sorry for your experience. But just like in the mundane world the best way to deal with a merchant who is rude is to not deal with him. I would also hope you would tell him yourself that you found his comments offensive. If you feel that this person is in violation of policy or threatening you please contact safety.

2. I was not fond of the Auxiliary Kitchen. I think it divides the community. I have no problem with having a Beverage booth/station in area 5 and maybe one in Area 4 too in fact I think that would be a GREAT idea, but all food should be at the community center. The Community Center is there to promote community. The Aux Kitchen provided an easy out of those who do not know when to stop the mead intake. Watching hung over pagans grab a pastry, a cup of coffee and then stumble back to bed is not what I call community.

The Aux Kitchen was set up this year to take in the needs of those at the far end of the camp that did not want, for whatever reason, to go down to the community center for breakfast. Many of those who use the services of the aux kitchen would probably not go to the community center for breakfast even if the aux kitchen was not available. Rather than divide the community, I like to think of it as expanding services and giving festival attendees more choices. I would suggest if you want to avoid what you perceived as hung over pagans at the aux kitchen, you avoid it in the morning and utilize the full services of the main kitchen.

3. How many adult sexual education classes do we really need? Sex is magickal and if the topic had been about sex magick, I would understand, and even having 1 adult sex ed class would have been ok, sorry Joseph. I just think the class is a good idea but 3 classes seemed a bit too much.

We have a wide diversity of workshops available at the festival. Dragonfest does not limit workshop content as long as the workshop does not violate any regulations or policies of Dragonfest, the host campground, or local and federal law. In addition Dragonfest does not endorse any workshop that is not presented directly by Dragonfest. To my knowledge we were able to accommodate all workshops that were submitted in time. Unless there are more workshops submitted then there are workshop time slots there is not need for the workshop coordinator to limit those presented on a similar subject. I would suggest that if a workshop does not interest you that you take advantage of the many other wonderful workshops presented each year. If you have an idea for presenting a workshop please contact the workshop coordinator next year.

4. I loved the Drawing down and for me it was great! This information is hearsay so please allow for come error here...
A. HOWEVER... I did hear from a couple of attendees they were disappointed because the person they saw, was just that, the person and not the Goddess at all. Do they really think we would not know when are and are not talking to the Goddess/God? If the Priestess lost the connection with the Goddess they just gave Priestess advice to their seekers? I would hope no Priestess would do this, unless they advise the person they are now talking to talking with the Priestess and not the Goddess.)
B. Some were turned away – this should never happen.

Solution On theDrawing Down:
I guess my solution for problem "A" is to remind those who are drawing down that if they need additional time to center and re-draw down, then they should do so. If they have exhausted their energy then they should notify their walkers so they will stop bring seekers.

NO one should ever be turned away. Solution for problem "B" is if they had arrived prior to the 9pm cut off, then they should have been seen if at all possible by someone Drawing Down. If that does not work, then maybe we should have the Drawing Down stop receiving folks after a certain time, so the Gods/Goddesses can have time to finish those that had been let into the circle and still complete the rite by a the time indicated. But once in the circle then they should have seen the Goddess.

I do want to point out I had a great experience and I loved the format and the time I was given to ground. Although 1 ½ hours on the cold, hard and wet ground was difficult, I was the first time I have ever been able to actually meditate without the real world seeping in… so thank you whoever thought of this!

Thank you for you positive comment about the drawing down.

The organizers, priestesses, priests, and attendants who gave up their own time at the festival to provide this service appreciate that.

There is a wide diversity to the aspect of drawing down. At a multiple drawing an attendee may not always get the aspect of the goddess or god that they were anticipating. This happens at all multiple drawings of this size.

There were some changes in the drawing down this year and there were a few bumps. But we learn from this and can improve next year. If you have suggestions or would like to help out in future drawing downs I am sure the presenters would be happy to have your input and help with the event. Please watch for notices on next year's festival so you can contact them when they call for presenters.

5. There was a VERY pregnant woman who I found to be beautiful with her bare belly all sticking out. To think someone would come to her and tell her to cover her stomach is just ludicrous! She actually had gone and painted her belly to stop the comments. She did not need art to be beautiful…pregnancy is a beautiful on any woman and we should celebrate her large, sticking out there stomach and not cover that up. I was very disappointed with whoever made such comments!

Was this a member of staff that told her to cover up? We would like to know. Please elaborate or better yet have the woman contact us herself. On a personal note I relished in the aspect of the goddess that she presented us at this festival and loved the art work.

I want to attend the next open board meeting… when & where will be held?
I would be happy to offer my ritual room for an open Board Meeting so we do not have to pay for a room – My room will hold about 20 people if organized correctly. (Please email me directly if you would like to use my room).
In loving respect for Dfest and in hopes of improving the festival~

Thank you for your offer of space. The board will take it under consideration. The date of the next open board meeting has not been set at this time. It will probably not be held until after the first of the year. When a date has been determined it will be posted on the web site.

Thank You.
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Re: Dfest Issues:

Postby Hestia » Mon Aug 21, 2006 10:29 am

Silverfeather wrote:Issues I want to bring to your attention:
3. How many adult sexual education classes do we really need? Sex is magickal and if the topic had been about sex magick, I would understand, and even having 1 adult sex ed class would have been ok, sorry Joseph. I just think the class is a good idea but 3 classes seemed a bit too much.

I was the workshop coordinator one year and this was my take/opinion on such things. How many times did you want to take three different workshops all at the same time? By offering the same, if it was the same, workshop at different times it allowed people to fit it into their schedule.
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Postby Jareth » Mon Aug 21, 2006 10:43 am

The question can be turned on any other subject. How many belly dance workshops do we need? How many druming and chanting workshops? Who many "intro to paganism" workshops? How many Eastern Medicine? How many workshops on the same subject if they build on eachother?

I think the answer's pretty simple. As many as will fill the schedule and that people want to put on. I haven't heard about anybody wanting to put on a workshop being turned away because the space was all taken up by a single subject. I have heard many people complain there wasn't a workshop on a given subject but those same people are unwilling to give one themselves.

I'd much rather have a full schedule of workshops that reflect what people want to put on instead of a half empty schedule of only what some invisible omipotence decides is "needed".
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Re: Dfest Issues:

Postby sagefire » Mon Aug 21, 2006 12:32 pm

Silverfeather wrote:Issues I want to bring to your attention:
3. How many adult sexual education classes do we really need? Sex is magickal and if the topic had been about sex magick, I would understand, and even having 1 adult sex ed class would have been ok, sorry Joseph. I just think the class is a good idea but 3 classes seemed a bit too much.

First we must point out that the 3 workshops were for 3 different audiences - female, male, and couples. At each workshop, there were different things discussed.

There were other workshops that were offered at least twice that did speak about the same subject matter - this is to accommodate those that didn't or couldn't make the other one due to schedule conflicts. And who's to say that someone might have attended both as there is always the possiblity that a different day with a different audience will result in a completely different workshop even if the subject matter is the same?

Personally, as Jareth stated, I'd rather see a full workshop schedule with diverse workshops than discourage presenters (who get no benefit from it other than the satisfaction of sharing their experience and knowledge) from doing what they will. All presenters are aware that the workshop schedule is first come, first serve and that a second class is only doable if there is room. And as the Admin stated, as Dragonfest is a festival for all pagans and not any specific path, we do not restrict what is presented as long as it does not go against the policies and rules of Dragonfest and the Lady of the Lake.

And of course, attendance of said workshops is completely voluntary.
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Class Schedule

Postby Silverfeather » Tue Aug 22, 2006 3:23 pm

I see all your points and I must admit I am glad when some workshops have multiple times. It was more of a personal dislike then something that needs to be changed within Dragonfest. I do love to have a variety of classes ... and I must add - Thank YOU to all who did volunteer their time, talent and knowlege and did a workshop.

Blessings & Bananas,
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