Alternate to Dragonfest

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Alternate to Dragonfest

Postby ShyDavid » Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:28 am

If members of Dragonfest wish to come here to the ranch in northern New Mexico as an alternative to Dragonfest, the ranch here has offered to let them come. The ranch is level, wooded (pine, cottonwood), and almost 300 acres. They may stay for free, and there are many places to camp. Set-up can bring whatever is necessary. I assume only 30 or 40 people would be willing to drive the extra distance, but we have space for hundreds. We have fresh water, privacy, and an awesome place for many people to camp. There is space for clothing required and clothing optional. There would be no time limit for drumming. There is space for workshops.

Can Board and Ops mention this at the open meeting on the 21st? I assume very few people will attend. Someone from the Board and Ops may come and visit and look the place over. We do not have telephone access here at the ranch, but I can be contacted at the email address I am using, and on the Dragonfest message forum.

The ranch is north of Abiquiu, NM, and south of Chama, NM. We have a directions web page here:

The things the ranch requires of Dragonfest of Colorado, or from members who wish to come here and have an alternate event, are:

1) Liability insurance for Dragonfest attendees for the duration of the event: perhaps Dragonfest of Colorado can extend existing indemnity insurance to cover the days and nights of the event here at Gallina Canyon Ranch;

2) Portable toilets, from the town of Espanola;

3) The water buffalo;

4) Each attendee sign a waiver.

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