Rituals 2014

Rituals are spiritual expressions of community. Some are large, including our opening ritual, the Saturday main ritual, and Drawing Down the Moon. Some have a dozen or two folks like the traditional Men’s Mysteries and Women’s Mysteries. Some rituals have just a few people which often tend to be the most meaningful.

2014 Ritual Schedule



Opening Ritual
Welcome to Dragon-fest! 5:30 pm – Main Ritual area.



Flower Frenzy: Thursday 11 am – Hecate’s Grove
This is modeled after a Mayan bathing ritual. This is a woman’s mystery and you need to have had your first moon time to participate. Please check in with either Janie Felix or Tanna Sage to make sure you are on our list. This is or can be a skyclad ritual, however not required, if you wish to wear a swimsuit under your clothes, please do so and bring a towel and a chair if you wish.

Girls Coming of Age Moon Rite: Thursday 5 pm – Meet at the Community Center
This is a powerful life passage for any young maiden who has reached their first moon time. The Maidens are encouraged, along with their female sponsor or parent, to take part in the Flower Frenzy the afternoon prior to their ritual that evening. The Maidens are asked to bring a white outfit for ritual, a journal for noting the experience, their sleeping bag and flashlight, as they will be camping in the Moon Tent for the night of their passage. Please have the Maidens check in with Janie when they arrive on site, because they will be making their cord prior to their rite evening and will also be given directions as to where to come the evening of the ritual.

Men’s Mysteries: Thursday 6:30 pm – Trance Circle
Each Archetype of masculine identity asks of us a different question. “What is this brilliant Star of Man, sharing in HIR primordial desire, waking now in seed & bud, in quickening earth, in animal and sky and stillness?” Share in this 5-pointed mystery, where we explore our roles as Masters, Lovers, Warriors, Sovereigns and Magicians. We will share deeply of self and come to a resolve with these roles, flowing the energy of each necessary part into the whole. This is a ritual for all people who identify as “male”.

Women’s Mysteries: Thursday 6:30 pm – Hecate’s Grove
As “We are Magic” is the theme of this year’s festival we will take time in sacred space to reconnect with our Primal Mother through her elements and creatures. Stripped of organized pre written ritual and path orientation, we will create our magic together so that everyone woman, no matter what path she follows will be able to rekindle her connection to the universe and the wyrd or web, we all share. Come with a desire to be the magic you desire, rekindle your passion for your own path and calling, and openness to connect with the women of our community. All women are welcome.



Croning Ritual: Friday 1 pm – Trance Circle
The Crones of Dragonfest invite any woman who considers herself to be a Crone to participate in this ritual, whether or not you have had a Croning ritual at another time or place. We would like to honor you at this important time of your life. If at all possible, please attend the Workshop for Crones if you plan to take part in this ritual. If you are unable to come to the workshop, please talk with one of us at Crones’ Attic, our booth on Merchants’ Row. If you are called to enter the Crone sisterhood, join us to meet the Goddesses who have special messages for us as we embark on this journey, for females or those that identify as female.

Boys Coming of Age: Friday 6 pm – Meet at the Community Center
The Boys Rite will be Friday night and they will be first in line for Drawing Down. Each boy will need a male sponsor to escort him to the circle. The boys and their sponsors will need black robes, sleeping bag, a tent, and a flashlight. If you desire to journal about it please bring necessary equipment.

Multiple Drawing Down: Friday 5:30 pm – Hecate’s Grove
Since the beginning of time, Priests and Priestesses have offered themselves up to the Divine to become a vessel in order to bestow messages unto those brave enough to seek the truth. Most will walk away deeply shifted and profoundly changed. Please bring your Mirth, Reverence and Respect to this ritual, but most of all, an open mind, body and spirit.

Fire/ Poi Spinning: Friday 9 pm – Freedom Circle
Do you juggle? Do you spin fire? Do you have LED poi? All are welcome Come meet other spinners at Freedom Circle Friday Night as we gather together to share our talents with the larger community. Please email Rachel Stevenson if you’re interested! rsteve388@gmail.com



Caffeina Ritual: Saturday 7 am – Phoenix Circle
Phoenix Circle will be facilitating a Caffeina ritual at 7 am on (insert date). Please attend in your sleeping attire unless you sleep sans clothes in which case, put your darn bathrobe on. Curlers are optional but welcome. The less “ready” you are, the better. Please bring your own coffee cup. All else will be provided (tea, coffee, and sweet things).

Corporate Meeting: Saturday 10 am till 12 pm – Community Center

Children’s Parade: Saturday 1 pm – Merchant’s Row
Each year the true heart of the Dragon is awoken by the sounds of giggling children bedecked in their finest Youthfest-made costumes as they parade down and around our Merchant row.

Asatru Ritual: Saturday 1 pm till 3 pm – Hecate’s Grove
Join us as we celebrate and enjoy a ritual dedicated to Thor, Heathen God of the Common Man. ever been curious about what it’s like to stand in Heathen ritual? Join us and enjoy, learn and commune. During the first part of the ritual, Thor will be honored, but during the second part, all Gods welcome and honored.

Sacred Touch: Saturday 3:30 pm – Freedom Circle
Safe, sacred, skyclad. Bring your favorite oil and ground cover. This is two hours of comforting, relaxing Laying On Of Hands. Several small groups working on one member of their group at a time. Each of us will receive about 10 minutes of blissful attention. Please, no small children.

Lughnasadh Ritual: Saturday 3:30 pm pm – Hecate’s Grove
As we enter the harvest season, we honor the Celtic God Lugh, the God of many skills and talents, and the festivals he created to celebrate the harvest and pay tribute to his stepmother.

Whole Earth Kirtan with Taliesin 3:30 PM – 5 PM Workshop C (Conex Box)
Group chanting is one of the oldest and most fun of spiritual practices. For this workshop, we will emphasize pagan perspectives with chants from Starhawk to Rock & Roll. “The Greenman Chant” – “The Goddess Chant” – “I Release the Fear the Binds My Soul” – “I Just Want To Celebrate” and so forth. Drummers! Taliesin is a producer & musician from Lawrence, Kansas. Details – www.LCarter.com

Open Handfasting Ritual: Saturday 4 pm – Trance Circle
All are respectfully welcome to flow blessings into this union, by lending your energy to the space and your presence as witness to it.

Stone Soup Ritual: Saturday 5 pm – Community Center
Hello Dragon Fest attendees! I am Rachel your Stone Soup Coordinator and I have three great soups planned this year, a cold Gazpacho, a Hot Chicken tortilla and a vegetarian chili. See more info under Events.

Main Ritual: Saturday 7 pm – Main Ritual Area
We are Magick – We will remember that Earth is our body, Water is our blood, Air is our Breathe and Fire is our indomitable Spirit, taking back into ourselves the mighty elements of life, combining them, within the crucible of our hearts, with that Fifth Element, a Divine Spark! We will bind these together in our selves, becoming the Circle of Transformation and life. As we step away, we are forever more the portal between worlds!

Chocolate Ritual: Saturday (After Main Ritual) – Workshop C
“And you who think to seek me, know that your seeking and yearning shall avail you not unless you know the Mystery.” For the Initiates who understand the Mystery and for those who long to join in the mystical tradition of chocolate bring your chocolatey offerings to Nancy of Medical, or Alyx they are camped at the big white trailer by Workshop C.



Closing Ritual: Sunday 10:30 am – Main Ritual Area
The closing ritual is where we say thanks and goodbye to our friends and family. As always it is presented by our Teens. Please join them in closing our wonderful retreat.

Giving Tree Ritual: Sunday after Closing Ritual (the location will be announced Thursday morning and there will be a sign posted at Kiosk)
This ritual will be centered around not only giving but also receiving in more ways than one. Most are not very good at receiving things like energy or messages or help when they are down. This will be a ritual to help people understand that as we will be sharing energy as well as gifts. You can bring a magical tool that you no longer use, a craft, a book or other things you think need to be given. Be open and prepared to receive what it is spirit says you need at that time.