Registration is open

Registration for the 2011 retreat is now open!  Please visit the Registration page to view the current rates and download the registration form.  Unfortunately we were not able to accomplish an online registration system this year, but we will offer PayPal payments as usual.  If you would like to be a merchant please visit the Merchants Page or contact the merchant coordinator ( for your registration form.

6 comments to Registration is open

  • Jay Dubya

    Shure would be nice if you’d post this in .PDF format that I can print without having to fart around trying to get this to print.

  • So I feel silly, but…where is the “registration packet” referred to in the “registration form”? Under “Online Delivery”, the site says “Complete Packet and Forms” are delivered “online”. Are they hiding somewhere on the site, and I just haven’t found them? I wouldn’t feel right signing the thing on the form where it says I’ve read the registration packet when I haven’t yet, and this is my first Dragonfest, so I haven’t even read a previous one. Point me in the right direction? ^_^;

    • I suspect the Google server was having some issues tonight. Would you mind trying the “Registration” link on the right of the page and see if that works now? If it doesn’t please e-mail and I will e-mail you the forms. Thanks!

  • The link that points to “”, right? It was working just fine, I just wasn’t sure if I was looking at the right thing. That link gets me to “2011 GENERAL registration form.pdf”, a 3-page document. Item 1 on this document refers to a “registration packet”, which sounds like it ought to be longer than 3 pages. Am I misunderstanding, and the registration packet is just those 3 pages, or is there more somewhere else?

    • That is the correct registration form to use. And thank you for pointing out another edit to make to the registration form. Indeed referring to it as a form instead of a packet makes much more sense!