While you plan your 2017 Retreat, you can get an idea of what to expect by taking a look at our 2016 information below. This information will be updated as the 2017 Retreat is planned.

Rituals are spiritual expressions of community.  Some are large, including our opening ritual, the Saturday main ritual, and Drawing Down the Moon.  Some have a dozen or two folks like the traditional Men’s Mysteries and Women’s Mysteries.  Some rituals have just a few people which often tend to be the most meaningful.



Pre-Registration Rituals

The following rituals require registration in advance of the retreat so the facilitator can prepare materials and possibly collect a fee. Click on a ritual title below to see more information.

Teens of Dragonfest Meet & Greet – Wednesday 5:00 PM
Flower Frenzy  – Thursday 1:00 PM
Moon Rite – Thursday  5:00 PM
Boy’s Rite of Manhood – Friday 5:00 PM
Coming of Age Ritual for Gender Fluid young people – Saturday 1:00





5:00 PM                                                                                                         Community Center
Teens of Dragonfest Meet & Greet
This is a potluck for the teens and their parents. Please bring a dish to share, as well as your plates & utensils. Chicken Tacos will be provided; (vegetarian refried beans will be available as well).  Please email Kiki@Dragonfest.org with the dish you will bring and how many people.

6:30 PM                                                                                                                Main Ritual Area
Opening Ritual
Presented by Bruce & Bryan! Our Directors of Operations!

9:00 PM                                                                                                               Trance Circle
We are offering an opening hour (or two) of rhythms for trance inspired by Middle Eastern traditions, featuring some slow and meditative rhythms for inner work, and some energetic rhythms for expressive release. All drummers (and drum types) are welcome to join in. Hosted by Pat and GreyOwl.


11:00 AM                                                                                                                Hecate’s Grove
Flower Frenzy
Pre-register pentacat22@gmail.com
This is a time honored, all female, or identifying as female, ritual. It is based on the Mayan Spiritual Healing Tradition and is the high light of the year for many of us. Since it is on a waxing moon, it will be important to prepare you intention for washing in that which you wish to bring into your life.  Please come, prepared with a bucket, basin or some water container to mix your bath in.  Bring any flowers, herbs, oils, etc to add and to share with your bath. It is a skyclad ritual and is warded by faithful guardians on all sides.  If you are uncomfortable being skyclad, you may choose a bathing suit or underwear.  Any Maidens preparing for the Moon Rite Ritual that evening are encouraged to attend along with their female sponsor or parent.  Be sure to bring a towel, a chair if you desire and your spiritual self with your intentions for the ritual set in your mind.

7:00 PM                                                                                                                      Trance Circle 
Women’s Mysteries
Presented by Alyx, Starr, Silver, & Stephanie
Please join us and bring your drum, your voice, something to sit on, something to drink, and even a snack if you like. This will not be your traditional Women’s Mystery. We will be weaving our different paths together. So often in the mundane world women are pitted in competition against each other, forgetting that once we had a place, a place we would go together to find our true selves, our voices, our hearts and our spirits.
7:00 PM                                                                                                                Main Ritual Area
Men’s Mysteries
Presented by Bruce and Eric
This is a ritual for all those who identify as “male”.

7:00 PM                                                                                                                  Hecate’s Grove
Gender Fluid Mysteries 
Presented by Jason
This is a new Mysteries that is being introduced for those within our community who have never heard the call for the Women or Men’s Mysteries. This will be a safe space for those who want to connect with the Divine beyond the the duality of male and female. That being said, this ritual is only for those who fall in the middle of the spectrum between male and female.   Jason “Jaylo” Wilson was born and raised in the greater Pagan and Dragonfest communities. Jaylo has also been longed involved grassroots and community organizing within communities of Queer and Transgender youth since their early teens. Currently Jaylo is studying for their first degree initiation into wicca with the Sisters of the Turquoise Moon coven.
5:00 PM                                                                                               Meet at Community Center
Moon Rite 
The Moon Rite is for young Maidens who have reached their first menses and who feel inclined and prepared to make this step over the threshold into Womynhood.  This rite will be held in the late afternoon and overnight on the 4th of August.  The girls will need to connect with Janie Felix (ritual Lt and Priestess for this rite) when they arrive at Fest.  There are several steps that are required of these young maidens prior to the ritual.  There should be a sponsor who will accompany the young lady through the ritual.  The girls should come prepared with sleeping bag, flashlight, etc for an overnight stay with the other maidens.  It is asked that the maidens please pre-register with Janie or Mary Ann (ritual coordinator) prior to Fest so that preparations may be made to accommodate the girls.  Please feel free to contact Janie at pentacat22@gmail.com with any questions, etc prior to coming to fest.  No eligible girl will be turned away, but prior to fest registration is desirable so that the priestess may be prepared.

9:00 PM                                                                                                                         Trance Circle 
Getting the nighttime fire circle rolling with some rhythm, melody, and movement magic. Join Sára and friends after the Mysterious Rites, for some chanting, drumming and dancing by firelight.
Sára is a Mentor for the Dances of Universal Peace, an inter-faith prayer practice of singing and circle-dancing our prayers because it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on. rain@trigoddess.org – www.trigoddess.org



11:00 AM                                                                                                Crone’s Workshop Area
Croning Ritual
Maiden talks to us about beginnings, and the Mother of maturity, the Crone makes us think of endings. Although the energies and the aspects of the Crone are certainly present and working in us and our rituals, there is something different about actually crossing the threshold to become the Crone. Join the Crones of Dragonfest for this intimate and fulfilling Rite of Passage.
Crone Workshop is required, Thursday 11 am.

2:00 PM                                                                                                    Crone’s Workshop Area
Sage Ritual
Hail and Salutations all Elder Men of the Communities. In the tradition that Robin Vinehall started some years ago. There will be a Saging held Friday afternoon., If you are interested and ready to share and bring your wisdom to our younger generations. This will be a real ritual. Please bring your Ritual Robes. Or wear attire for ritual.

5:00 PM                                                                                                             Community Center
Boy’s Rite of Manhood
Presented by Clif, this important rite of passage is for boys 13 and older. This is the time they cut the ties to Mother and join the Fathers as they take their first steps into Manhood. This is an overnight ritual, please bring warm clothes and jacket, a sleeping bag, and a journal and pen. The Sages will be cheering on and seeing off the boys, and will welcome our new young men the next morning. Fathers you will escort your young man through this ritual. Please pre-register by emailing rituals@dragonfest.org

5:30 PM                                                                                                                   Hecate’s Grove
Multiple Drawing Down of the Moon
The Drawing Down of the Moon is one of our most Sacred Mystery Rites. Our High Priestesses or High Priests become a Vessel for the God and the Goddess. The Vessel invokes the Goddess or the God directly into themselves. If you would like to volunteer to be a vessel, walker or have any questions please email our Ritual Coordinator at rituals@dragonfest.org.   Set-up Friday 10 am to 3 pm.
7:00 PM                                                                                                                Main Ritual Area
Goddess Walk
Presented by Michelle Athena
This is a powerful Women’s ritual that calls to the Goddess to speak to Women through many loving voices. This experience is healing, motivating, and empowering for Goddesses of all ages. Please bring a blindfold, not suitable for young children. Ritual involves walking with guides while blindfolded.  People at high risk for falls should not attend.

9:00 PM                                                                                                                         Trance Circle 
Share a story, dance or song about your magical name. For example, I might tell the story of the birth of Taliesin, the Celtic bard. Whether goddess, god, mythic hero, divine attribute, inspired by nature, or whatever – the name you go by at Dragonfest is infused with energy. Share the energy with us! There will be drummers.



7:00 AM                                                                                                                    Phoenix Circle
Caffeina Ritual
Presented by Phoenix Circle
Phoenix Circle will be facilitating a Caffeina ritual at 7 am.  Please attend in your sleeping attire unless you sleep sans clothes in which case, put your darn bathrobe on.  Curlers are optional but welcome.  The less “ready” you are, the better.  Please bring your own coffee cup.  All else will be provided (tea, coffee, and sweet things).

10:00 AM                                                                                                              Community Center
Corporate Meeting

1:00 PM                                                                                                                   Hecate’s Grove
Ritual of Awareness 
Presented by Janie Felix and Order of the Cauldron of the Sage
This year a new rite is being offered.  We, as a community, need to accommodate Trans, questioning, or nonbinary youth for whom neither the Moon Rite nor the young man’s COA rite resonate. It will encompass youth who are coming of age and awareness of their alternative desires for themselves and are ready to step into adulthood embracing this choice.
I have explored the topic with several Trans friends as well researched the duel gender deities.  The participants should come prepared with sleeping bag, flashlight, etc for an overnight stay with the other participants.  It is asked that the interested participants please pre-register with Janie or Mary Ann (ritual coordinator) prior to Fest so that preparations may be made to accommodate them.  Please feel free to contact Janie @ pentacat22@gmail.com or rituals@dragonfest.org with any questions, etc prior to coming to fest.  No eligible person will be turned away, but prior to fest registration is desirable so that the priestess may be prepared.

5:00 PM                                                                                                                  Community Center
Bob Key’s Community Soup Dinner
In the spirit of community, The Kitchen along with the teens continues The Saturday night tradition of stone soup! This year the soups are the following:
The Soups are:
1.) The Duchess
2.) Vegetable Medley
3.) Italian Wedding

If you have non-perishables, please bring them them for the Pagan Pantry!


7:00 PM                                                                                                                 Main Ritual Area
Heathen Blöt
Presented by Ara Anglestone and Silver
Share your Path.  Are you sharing your path in a way your descendants will remember?  What will your legacy be?   Are you standing in your own way?   Join us in a Heathen Blöt working with the Disir aspects of Saga and Oðin.

Chocolate Frenzy
It is a Mystery! Talk to Med Mom Nancy. And don’t forget to bring her your Chocolate Devotion Offerings



10:30 AM                                                                                                               Main Ritual Area
Closing Ritual
Presented by the Teens of Dragonfest

After Closing Ritual                                                                                                    Giving Tree
Giving Tree Ritual
Presented by Raven – This will be a ritual to help people understand What that means and how important it is to walk in gratitude every day as we will be sharing energy as well as gifts.  You can bring a magical tool that you no longer use, a craft, a book or other things you think need to be given.  Please do not bring old junk as anything I deem as such will be removed before the ritual will begin.  We must remember that sometimes to be able to receive we must also be willing to let go to make room for the new.  Be open and prepared to receive what it is spirit says you need at that time.  Please also remember to only receive one item as we want to be sure all who give also receive! The ritual will take place at the tree across the road from the community center on Sunday after closing ritual.  Thank you and blessed be!




What type of Rituals have we had in the past?

If you would like to present a ritual next year, contact the ritual coordinator at rituals@dragonfest.org.