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While you plan your 2017 Retreat, you can get an idea of what to expect by taking a look at our 2016 information below. This information will be updated as the 2017 Retreat is planned.

Youthfest – Youthfest 2016 is a new Youthfest focusing on the education of the Dragonfest youth. They will be learning about gemstones, gardening and the Peace pole project. They will be creating from a Youthfest peace pole to moon phase banners to water bottle spinners. There’s the tried and true favorites such as the nature walk and the children’s parade through merchant’s row. There’s lots to learn and explore this year at youthfest. We have lots on the schedule, and there will be snacks every day, plus extra crafts too!  Looking forward to seeing you there.

This year we have some wonderful workshops for our youth. As usual, at least one parent must sign up for an extra workshift in Youthfest if their children participate.  Our Workshop Presenters will need helpers, this way our children will have more fun as well!


Youthfest Workshops:


10:00 AM – Constellation Craft
11:00 AM – Fairy Garden
1:00 PM – Pine Cone Critters with Ayianna
2:00 PM – Plastic bottle basket weaving with Ayianna
3:00 PM – Pottery with Meta
4:00 PM- Drum & Chant with Allison


10:00 AM – Gemstones with Phil
11:00 AM – T-shirt tote bags
1:00 PM – Nature Walk w/Bruce
3:00 PM – Shield Decorating with Starr
4:00 PM –  Finger Labryinths


10:00 AM –  Face painting and instrument making with Phoenix
11:00 AM – Fairy Wings with Gena
1:00 PM – Children’s Parade on Merchants Row
3:00 PM –  Pottery Painting
4:00 PM – Heathen Games with Starr – Battlefield games using padded swords and hammers. Who wants to get the Trolls?


Thursday 4:00 PM                                                                                 KIDS CAMP
CHANT and DRUM w/ Allison and Sára

Can you talk? Then you can sing! Can you (gently) hit things? Then you can drum! Allison and Sára are happy to bring the joy of chanting and drumming to kids camp! Kids of all ages welcome! Bring a drum if you’ve got it. Bring your good attitude, your listening ears, and your happy pagan spirit! Allison will teach drum technique, rhythm and soul-sparkling! Sára will teach little ditties, melody, harmony and heart shimmering!





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