Youth Programs

We are in the planning process for Dragonfest 2018 Rituals and will post that program here once it is finalized. In the meantime, take a look at our Rituals from last year’s program to get an idea of what might be in store.


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Youthfest – Youthfest focuses on the education of the Dragonfest youth. They will be learning about pottery, gardening, recycling, fairies, and MORE! And don’t forget the nature walk and the children’s parade through merchant’s row! There’s lots to learn and explore this year at Youthfest. We have lots on the schedule, and there will be snacks every day, plus extra crafts too! Looking forward to seeing you there.

As usual, at least one parent must sign up for an extra workshift in Youthfest if their children participate. Our Workshop Presenters will need helpers; this way our children will have more fun as well!

Youthfest Workshops:

10:00 am – Pottery bowls – Make nature inspired pottery bowls with Gena and Zanda
1:00 pm – Herb gardens with Gena – Using recycled materials as pots make a mini herb garden.
3:00 pm – Dream Pillows with Gena and Zanda

10:00 am – Fairy jars – Make your own glowing fairy in a jar
11:00 am – Walking sticks – Decorate and color your own walking stick
1:00 pm – Nature walk with Bruce and Stick
Discover the natural wonders of the land of Dragonfest with the Directors of Ops
4:00 pm – Dirt cups – Enjoy a creative outdoorsy treat.

10:00 am – Face painting with Phoenix
11:00 am – Face painting with Phoenix
1:00 pm – Children’s Parade on Merchants Row
1:15 pm – Music of Terri
2:00 pm – Pottery Painting – Paint the pottery bowls made on Thursday. Didn’t make one? Don’t worry they’ll be extras if you just want to paint something.
3:00 pm – Heathen Games with Starr – Battlefield games using padded swords and hammers. Who wants to get the Trolls? If you have swords, hammers, and shields from previous years please bring them with you.