Work Weekend is Two Weeks Away

Work Weekend is July 7 – 9, 2017. Will you be joining us?

If so, send an email to to let us know who is coming.


What is Work Weekend?
Work Weekend is when volunteers gather at the Dragonfest site to get the land ready for the retreat. This includes clearing the land, collecting deadfall, woring on trails, and planning setup for the retreat. We also take a bit of time to relax and bond as staff.

If you are a staff volunteer, or closly connected to a staff member, and willing to put in some work to help prepare the site for Dragonfest, we would love to have you join us. Just be prepared for physical labor – some of it easy, some of it strenuous but we’ll try to make it the best match for your abilities.

How should I be prepared?
Be sure to bring clothes you can work, and get dirty in. If you are staying overnight, and most people do, treat this like you would any other camping trip. You’ll need shelter, sleeping gear, food, cooking equipment, water, water, and water. You will be working and need to stay hydrated. And don’t forget to bring sunscreen and bug spray. There will not be the normal infrastructure that we have at Dragonfest (think primative camping) but there will be port-a-potties. One last thing to note, we know it’s near the 4th of July but leave any firworks at home. We are just not willing to chance it.

If you would like to join us for Work Weekend, just email and let us know who is coming.

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